Participation fees

Účastnický poplatek

Participation Fee:
180 EUR (4 500 CZK) per person with VAT.

The conference fee includes renting rooms, technical equipment, refreshments, social events etc.

The Publication fee is not included in the participation fee.

Form of the payment by invoice.

Registration fee and other payments can be done after agreement also after arrival at the conference in cash.

Company presentations and advertising in magazines

To the registered firms and companies is enabled the presentation in the form of lectures, handouts, demonstrations of instruments, devices or products. Each company will have a separate place for the presentation of their products (brochures) and possibly the advertisement in the conference journal.

Data for the publication of advertisements in magazines (Manufacturing Technology) must be delivered no later than 30. 8. 2017. Materials for advertising consult with journal editors through e-mail The delivered advertisement will not be edited.

PRICE FOR ADVERTISEMENT in the magazine Manufacturing Technology is 200 EUR (5 000 CZK) for 1 page A4 in black and white and 400 EUR (10 000 CZK) for 1 page A4 in colour.

PRICE OF THE COMPANY PRESENTATION IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM for rental of the space for equipment and facilities is 80 EUR (2 000 CZK).

* Prices with VAT